UX Design mock up for a note taking web app.

Project definition:

Note-Taking is the practice of writing down or otherwise recoding key points of information.

It’s an important part of the research process. Notes taken on class lectures or discussions may serve as study aids, while notes taken during interview may provide material for anessay, article, or book


As a student, you take a lot of notes. Managing those notes can become very difficult if one is not careful and very organized.


Create an online tool that makes this process easy.


Our main objective was to provide students with…

-Student organization, utility planner- Mock up Design

Student Planner App mockeup

Project definition:

  • Students require a means to stay up to date on events, check their grades frequently, and keep track of assignments.
  • We were given the task to design a way that allows a student to accomplish these tasks while keeping the app user friendly, modern, and avoids distractions from things below the MPV line.


  • Students tend to loose track of assignments while trying to maintain a social life with after-school events and activities; It’s hard to communicate with professors, and sometimes they need a mental break from the frustrations of the class…

Kyle Ammon Johnson

UX Designer

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